As our customer, you have many opportunities to use the proving ground for driver trainings, proving ground driving licenses and seminars.

Both industrial organizations or private persons can take advantage of the wide range of possibilities.


Driver Training at ATP:

  • Passenger vehicle driver safety training (basic course)
  • Passenger vehicle driver safety training (advanced course)
  • Motorbike driver safety training
  • Transporter driver safety training
  • Commercial vehicle and bus driver safety Training




Fahrsicherheitstrainings & PrüfgeländeführerscheinePlease note that all the driver safety trainings, are being carried out according the standard of the German Safety Council (DVR) with qualified instructors from our cooperation partners BBZ Straßenverkehr Nordhausen gGmbH and/or ACE Auto Club Europa e.V..



Proving Ground Driving License

ATP offers you three different proving ground driving license Levels:

  • Proving Ground Driving License C
  • Proving Ground Driving License B
  • Proving Ground Driving License A

These training courses are being recognised by the operators of the following proving grounds as a driving permit: Audi AG, BMW AG, Robert Bosch GmbH (Boxberg), Adam Opel AG, Dr. Ing. hc. Ferdinand Porsche AG, Ford AG Lommel and Volkswagen AG.

We would like to inform you, that on some of the proving grounds, further qualification is necessary.


Unikat Driver Seminars

UnikatDespite an increased use of driving simulation software, the effects of the chassis kinematics on handling performance can ultimately only be verified in driving tests. In particular, the interaction between changes of parameters and the formulation of meaningful step widths in the tuning process are only presentable using cost-intensive and time-consuming production of specialist testing parts for series vehicles.

The UNIKAT, a vehicle developed and designed by ATP, enables you to adjust the parameters in the shortest time, partially even “online”.

The seminars include practical and theoretical content for learning about and assessing chassis tuning, both subjectively and objectively, i.e. by analysing technical measurement recordings.


Individually designed events and dates!

We are pleased to plan individually designed events for you, your organization or on behalf of an agency at your desired date!

You will find more information under "Events" or "Events for private persons