PGFS 07A minimum driver qualification for all persons driving passenger cars on the ATP proving ground is necessary for using the test tracks!

By passing this driving license test, it is ensured that the holder possesses basic information for moving vehicles on the proving ground. The proving ground driving license is a requirement for all persons/companies, in order to test vehicles on the proving grounds.

ATP offers you different proving ground driving license levels!

  • Proving ground driving license C
  • Proving ground driving license B

PGFS 28This training is recognised by the following proving ground operators as permission to drive on their facilities: Adam Opel AG, Applus IDIADA Group, Audi AG, BMW AG,  Continental Group, Daimler AG, Dr. Ing. hc. Ferdinand Porsche AG, Ford AG Lommel,  MAGNA STEYR AG & Co KG, RDW, Robert Bosch GmbH (Boxberg) and Volkswagen AG.

The qualification begins with the proving ground driving license C and is carried out with vehicles provided by ATP.

The proving ground driving license courses are exclusively accessible for industrial organizations. 


Please note that on some of the mentioned proving grounds additional qualifications and trainings could be required depending on the test program.