Access to the premises is only permitted with a valid registration and access authorisation. The access authorisation of each person will be controlled before passing the gate. Before entering the proving ground basically each person´s access authorisation will be checked for validity.

Every user of the proving ground is liable for his employees and guests. He has to ensure that his employees are sufficient qualified and eligible. He is also responsible for their compliance of regulations and rules.

Driver’s qualification
For driving on the tracks of the proving ground a proving ground driving license or a comparable minimum driver´s qualification is mandatory.

Physical fitness
We insist on an absolute fitness to drive, i.e. there isn´t any impairment of physical and mental well-being by the influence of alcohol, drugs, medicals, illnesses, exhaustion or fatigue. We reserve the right of appropriate controls.

Safety briefing
Knowing the contents of the Operating and Safety Manual is a mandatory for the utilisation of the test tracks. In order to ensure this a safety briefing has to be absolved at least once a year.

Prohibition of photography / video recordings
Taking photos or recording videos requires a prior agreement.